Meet Your Teachers


Miss Manda

Miss Manda started dancing at the age of 3, but her love for dance started well before that watching her big sisters leap and twirl around the house.

Miss Manda has experience in many different styles of dance, including jazz, tap, ballet, contemporary, hip hop and musical theatre. She undertook CSTD exams and competed in many dance competitions around Australia. She also trained full time in Finland prior to moving to Agnes Water.

Miss Manda provides the personalised attention the students need to fulfill their dance goals and is keen to provide small rural towns on the Discovery Coast with the same dance opportunities as the cities. 

Miss Manda aims to assist students in committing themselves to working towards their individual and team goals, whilst maintaining the creativity of dance allowing it to be an open outlet for students.

If there is something you would like to see available in Agnes Water or Miriam Vale, please contact DCDC.


Miss Sharrynne

Miss Sharrynne started dancing at the age of 5. She was accepted into the Pre-professional Ballet Stream at the Terri Charlesworth Graduate College of Dance at age 11 and then accepted into the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts after graduating high school.

Miss Sharrynne was a paid performer in a variety of musical and cabaret shows throughout Perth theatres, nightclubs and casinos.

Miss Sharrynne holds an Associated Diploma in Cecchetti Ballet and has taught all ages for the past 7 years.

Miss Sharrynne's first love of dance is ballet but she enjoys all styles, and she absolutely loves teaching and nurturing the next generation of dancers.

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Miss Shyla

Miss Shyla (Student Teacher) helps with our Junior Jazz class in Agnes Water and also cleans our beautiful waiting area at the studio.

Miss Shyla is part of the DCDC Elite Team and undertakes Jazz, Ballet, Lyrical/Contemporary, Hip Hop and Solos at DCDC.

Miss Shyla's favourite dance styles are Jazz, Lyrical/Contemporary and Hip Hop. She is looking forward to competing and performing at the end of year concert. Her main goal this year is to place at a competition.

Miss Shyla chose to be a Student Teacher as she loves helping the little kids and Miss Manda.