Dance is for ALL abilities!

DCDC is proud to offer tailored classes for children with disability. 

Miss Manda has worked as a disability support worker for many years with people with ASD, Social Anxiety, ADHD and learning difficulties, and believes so strongly in recognising different abilities but in an inclusive environment.

DCDC opens its classes to all children of all abilities. We also offer a separate class for children with higher needs that can be used as a stepping stone to mainstream classes - please contact DCDC for more information.


  • Stress relief and an opportunity to express emotions in a safe and encouraging environment

  • Creative expression for individuality - allows you to express the inner you

  • Increased exercise and healthy living

  • Develops a sense of body and spacial awareness

  • Improves confidence and social skills

  • Focuses and stimulates the mind and imagination

  • Improves fine and gross motor skills

  • An opportunity to communicate without words (great for those who struggle with communication)

Do you know NDIS can provide funding for dance lessons? Speak to your Plan Manager for more information.