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Dealing with the Change to Online Dance Classes

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Nailed Facebook years ago and you’ve finally mastered Instagram, and now you’ve got a bunch of other online platforms thrown at you that you can never remember the name of (Loop, Buzz, who knows??).

Going online can be daunting and to start with, it will be a little uncomfortable. For so many reasons! Keep reading to see how to best deal with all the usual concerns of moving online.

How do you navigate all the online platforms?

The best solution for getting your head around learning a new platform, is to watch a tutorial. There’s a reason why the kids say YouTube is like the dad they never had – it’s not to be mean, it’s simply because YouTube literally has all the answers.

Below is a tutorial for Google Meet, which is what DCDC will be using for their online classes:

But really, all you need to know is:

1. Click the link Miss Manda sends you

2. Click 'Join Now'

Have a little play around if you like - you can install the app on your device or head online to

And of course, if you have any questions, please feel free to call Miss Manda.

Can you correct technique through a screen?

The short answer is yes. It won’t be as easy as physically moving your child’s foot or arm for example, but you can still correct technique via video. This is a really great opportunity for the students to grow as dancers as they will be required to really listen to the correction and apply it using their own understanding. At first this will take time but eventually it will get easier (as Miss Manda’s descriptions get better and your child’s understanding grows).

Where will my child dance? We don’t have enough space for cartwheels and leaps.

Check out my blog on how to build a dance studio at home. It’s simple and you can use things that you probably already have at home.

Online classes will be restructured to allow for limited space. Cartwheels and leaps will be left for the child to do outside on the lawn or down the aisles of Foodworks (don’t forget to sanitise). If you need feedback on your cartwheels, leaps or anything else that you can’t do in class, please record it or tee up a time to chat on Feedback Fridays.

How to keep your child motivated?

This is so important. I can’t stress this enough. It is so easy to fall onto the couch and not move for hours, especially when our only source of connection is social media and it’s right there at our finger tips. I really encourage you to stretch with your child in the morning or evening (or any time of day really) and go for a walk, do an activity together, anything that gets you moving.

I am a firm believer of routine. It makes you more productive and definitely allows for increased learning. Establish a routine with your child, work it out together. Having them involved in the process will make them feel valued and will be more likely to stick to it. Obviously, we are human, and sometimes our days fall apart. That’s ok. We just try again tomorrow. It’s important that you not only let your child know that it’s ok if things didn’t go to plan, but that you also remind yourself.

How to maintain friendships with the other students?

This one is close to my heart and something that really worried me when I had to close the studio. Friendships are so important, no matter what. I have been so blessed to see some really beautiful friendships blossom at dance class in the short time we’ve been open. Some kids really need a different group of friends – school friends drift apart, some are at home doing distance learning or some have recently moved to high school outside of Agnes – so to have friends at dance that you see every week, where you can laugh, grow and achieve really great things together has been a lifeline for a lot of kids. These friendships will remain and despite being isolated, we can still laugh, grow and achieve really great things together.

Moving to online classes will mean there is less opportunity for the kids to chat or joke with each other like we do during warm up, when we have water breaks or in creative time at the end of class. I’ll be running free ‘Hang Out & Chat’ sessions for Juniors and Intermediates for the kids to jump online and chat to their dance friends each week. This is a great opportunity for the kids to share what they’ve been up to, show dances they’re working on and connect with their friends.

I really encourage you to help your child maintain these dance friendships. It might not be as important to your child, but could mean everything to the other child.

Take away message

It. Will. Get. Easier. Online learning will feel uncomfortable at first and will feel like more work, but IT WILL GET EASIER! Make you sure you are prepared - get the space ready, make sure your child is dressed in their dance wear and join the meeting a couple of minutes earlier if need be. And, most importantly, if you're late or the connection doesn't work, it doesn't matter. Take a breath and try again. It's not the end of the world. We can always tee up a catch up class if it doesn't work.

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