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How to Build a Dance Studio at Home

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

School work is on the kitchen table, the various art projects and drawings are scattered around the living room, the bedroom is covered in toys and clothes and your online dance class starts in half hour. Deep breath. You’ve got this. And you don’t even need to leave your house to get what you need (even though it would totally be deemed as essential travel).

1. Decide which area to use

This is probably the most important step. The space you choose for dance class needs to be large enough for you to spin around, if possible at least 3x3 metres. It needs to be free from clutter or anything breakable and most importantly, it needs to be in reach of the internet connection. Make sure you have somewhere safe to put your device at a level where you can see the teacher on camera and be seen on your camera.

2. Floor

The floor needs to be safe, as in it can’t be too slippery or uneven. Timber, carpet, vinyl and tiles (as long as they’re not wet) are all ok to use for all styles of dance except Tap. Your child does need to be wary though that turning and moving on the floor will feel a bit different. Make sure you let them know to play it safe, know their limits and if in doubt, don’t do that leap into an front aerial like they were hoping to ;-) But let’s be real, most (if not all) of the kids have probably already danced every inch of your house and know what areas are good and what areas make you face plant.

VERY IMPORTANT: If doing Tap, please PLEASE make sure the ground you’re using can be scratched. Tap shoes like to leave their mark! A piece of ply would be ideal if you have some lying around, otherwise concrete (although not great for your tap shoes) or vinyl (but just know that if a screw is loose in your taps, it might tear the vinyl).

3. Barre

If doing Ballet or Tap, a barre is a must! Good news, you can just use the back of a chair or the edge of a table, or anything really. So long as your child’s arms aren’t reaching up too high or too low (around belly height is ideal), then you’re ok!

4. Mirror

You don’t have to have a mirror, but it does help your child to see if their body is doing what their brain is telling it to do. We all know sometimes it doesn’t! You can use a vanity mirror, a large mirror that you can secure to the wall (there are a couple available at the op shop at the moment), or even the reflection on a glass sliding door would work.

What you need to build a dance studio at home

· At least 3x3 metres of space (if possible) free from clutter and anything breakable

· WiFi connection

· Somewhere safe for your device (at a level where you can see and be seen on the video)

· A piece of ply to put on the ground (very important for tap)

· A chair to use as a barre

· A large mirror (safely secured to the wall or a vanity)

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