Terms & Conditions


An Enrolment Form and Next of Kin Form must be completed to ensure a place in a class. By signing the Enrolment Form, you agree to the Terms & Conditions of DCDC.

Waiting Lists

In the event that a class is full, a waiting list will be created. You will be notified if a place becomes available. We are unable to predict when or if a place will open.

Child Safety

DCDC will take no responsibility for students or their siblings whilst outside the studio (this includes when participating in online classes). Responsibility for students outside the studio lies with the student’s parent or guardian. Students will not be released from class until a parent or guardian is seen by the teacher. This is for their safety, and we ask for parents’ co-operation in this matter to ensure that the student is collected at the scheduled end of lesson.


Appropriate dance wear and shoes are to be worn in class (including online classes). Hair is to be worn neatly tied back with no loose fringes and in a bun for ballet. No jewellery or watches are permitted, as they are dangerous when dancing (medical and religious jewellery is accepted - please notify the teacher prior to class). Students must come to class with the correct uniform. This is for their safety and competency when dancing.

Food & Drink

Food and chewing gum is not to be consumed during a dance class (including online classes) as it may lead to choking.  Snack breaks will be given to the students who are doing back-to-back classes. It is suggested that students bring a named bottle of water with them to class to re-hydrate.

Lost Property

No responsibility will be taken for personal property. Parents are asked to label all clothing and shoes to enable us to return to the correct owner. At the end of the term, any unclaimed property will be given to charity.

Second-Hand Dance Wear

If you would like to buy or sell second-hand dance wear, please contact DCDC for further details.

Attendance & Discontinuation of Classes

Should you wish to discontinue classes, written notification is required before the conclusion of the current term. Any fees payable in respect of the then current term are not refundable.  Some refunds will be made on a case-by-case basis.

Public Holidays

DCDC is closed on the major Public Holidays. Parents and students will be notified if classes are not running.


DCDC reserves the right to modify the timetable at any time. Parents and students will be notified of any changes.


We will hold a performance at the end of the year involving the whole school, showcasing the students’ talents and skills learnt during the year. It is expected that all students enrolled will participate in the Annual Concert. In the fourth term, extra rehearsals may be required.

Performing is an important aspect for a dancer and so it is an exciting time of year for all. Please be aware that costumes will be required to be purchased. DCDC will attempt to keep the cost to a minimum. Please budget $40-$70 per costume.


All students can participate in Eisteddfod. Students will have to buy their costumes for use in competitions throughout the year.


Exams are not compulsory, and students will be offered the opportunity to take their exam based on the teacher’s analysis of their capabilities. Students can also participate in exams without getting a result. It is encouraged that students take 2-3 other classes each week to assist with their technique, coordination, musicality, strength and flexibility for exams. Please note extra costs are involved in doing exams, which will be clearly communicated to you at the appropriate time.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are strictly payable at the time of the lesson or beforehand. If paying cash, the money must be handed to the teacher in an envelope with the child’s name and date of the lesson written on it. 24 hours notice is required if a lesson is to be cancelled, otherwise the full fee will be charged.


Fees are paid per term (or per block). The following discounts apply:


Enrol in 3 classes and get 5% discount on total cost.

Enrol in 4 classes and get 10% discount on total cost.

Enrol in 5 classes and get the 5th class (cheapest class) half price.

Enrol in 6 classes and get the 6th class (cheapest class) free.


Enrol in 2 classes and get 10% discount on total cost.

Enrol in 3 classes and get the 3rd class (cheapest class) half price.


Enrol in 3 classes and get 5% discount on total cost.

Enrol in 4 classes and get 10% discount on total cost.

Discounts do not apply to Private Lessons.

Discounts do not apply to shorter terms with reduced fees (starting mid term).

Discounts do not apply to 4 week blocks of online classes.

Fees are non-refundable once paid. Payment is by cash or electronic funds transfer. Fees are due and payable in advance of each term or block. Fees outstanding after the 3rd week of a term will incur a $20 late fee. This excludes parents/caregivers using our Payment Plan. If any fees are unpaid for a period in excess of 30 days from the commencement date of term we shall have the right to exclude the student from attending classes and/or take debt recovery proceedings.


All choreography including solos/duos/trios, remain the intellectual property of DCDC, and may not be used without permission from the Principal.


By enrolling in DCDC, you accept that all dance classes (including online classes), activities and events can involve the risk of personal injury. DCDC will accept no responsibility or legal liability arising from your participation or attendance in our dance classes (including online classes) or other events. You agree to release DCDC from all liability to the full extent permitted by law for any personal injury sustained by a student as a result of any negligent or deliberate act or omission sustained whilst on our premises or any premises where DCDC has arranged any kind of event.

Physical Contact

Demonstration of exercises and personal correction requires some physical contact from time-to-time in order to assist understanding of movement. Physical contact may be required if first aid needs to be administered. DCDC will endeavour to ask the student’s permission before making physical contact whenever possible.

Damage to Property

Parents are liable for any damage to the studio and studio contents caused by their children.

Photography & Videos

By enrolling in DCDC, you accept that any photographs or video recordings taken during performances, classes (including online classes) or other events may be used for publicity, advertising and on our website, unless otherwise indicated in the Enrolment Form.